$70 billion Offshore Wind Energy Farm on the Way to the U.S.

Three years after the lone offshore wind farm in the country began its operations, a $70 billion worth of offshore wind energy farm is set to change the renewables landscape in the United States drastically.

According to the Department of Energy, offshore wind could generate over 2,000 gigawatts of capacity every year. This figure is almost double the country’s present electricity use. Offshore wind energy could provide electricity to 6.5 million homes within the next decade, even without maximizing its full potential.

CNBC reported on its website that states along the Eastern Seaboard are designated to take part in a renewable energy revolution. This revolution would provide clean electricity, thousands of jobs, and drive economic growth in coastal communities.

A Senior Director at the American Wind Energy Association, Laura Morton, considers this an “incredible growth period.” 

Also, the article reports on the joint study by New York, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and the Clean Energy States Alliance. The study “found that developing 8,000 megawatts of offshore wind from Maryland to Maine by 2030 could create up to 36,00 full-time U.S. jobs.”

Massive Wind Turbine

As prices come down for offshore wind projects, various states have set up renewable energy goals. As a result, the federal government has leased 15 commercial ocean sites for $472 million.

Another economic booster is the fact that technologies are advancing to larger, more efficient turbines that capture more wind. In July, GE Renewable Energy introduced the Haliade-X 12 MW. At 850 feet tall and three rotors spanning more than 720 feet, one Haliade-X can power up to 16,000 homes.

The President and CEO of GE Renewable Energy’s Offshore Business, John Lavelle, said that the renewable giant produces 40 percent more power than any other turbine in the U.S. industry. “We knew that size mattered and capacity mattered, and we’re winning in both categories,” Lavelle said.

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