“Phillip Riley treats all customers (clients and candidates) equally and as we would like to be treated is we were on the other side of the table.
We recognise that our Job Seeker customers have differing needs depending on the stage or cycle of their careers therefore we offer various Programs and Resources that can assist you on that journey.

The 3 Programs that we offer are

Getting a start in your Renewable Career is imperative so we will work with companies to offer Internship programs, and will provide a matching service to candidates that register their interest in an Internship via our platform
Seeking more leadership experience, or access to an experienced Renewables leader
Seeking a specialist Board member, or to grow your Board exposure or Portfolio

The Resources that we offer are

We will provide a comprehensive range of tools to assist with your Job Search including Resume templates, Resume Writing, Career Coaching, Interviewing tips and much much more
Phillip Riley deliver a Quarterly newsletter that summarises “”whats happening in the market”” as well as the areas of the industry that are keeping us busy.
we provide access to downloadable Articles, Research and Infographics on interesting Asia Pacific and Global Renewable Energy trends

Our Talent team welcome general enquiries about a transition into, or from within the Renewable Energy industry and can provide general tips and insights into building a career in the exciting sector. We recognise that searching for a new career opportunity can be a stressful and challenging experience though also a rewarding and enriching experience if done correctly therefore our aim is to spend quality time with our Job Seekers customers to gain detailed understanding of your driving factors and motivations and to offer tailored advice to your needs.

Please Contact the team today or Submit your CV and a team member will be in contact within 1 business day.