Clean Energy Supporters to GMP: Source Renewables Locally

As the largest power utility in Vermont pushes towards an aggressive goal of achieving 100% renewables usage by 2030, clean energy supporters are urging the company to source renewables from within Vermont.

Green Mountain Power (GMP) stated that one of its priorities is in-state renewables. With the three solar-plus-storage projects that began transmitting power to the grid, the company’s local renewable portfolio improved last month.

An article published on the website of Energy News US stated that clean energy supporters push GMP to diversify more in-state and source renewables aside from solar to bring resiliency and benefits to the economy.

Carbon-free Energy Portfolio by 2025

Back in April, the energy utility set a goal of a 100 percent carbon-free energy portfolio by 2025. It also targets 2030 for making its electricity 100 percent renewable. GMP announced that achieving those ambitious energy targets need “ramping up local distributed resources for generating and storing energy, and ramping up purchases of carbon-free wind and hydro energy.”

In December last year, GMP announced that its electricity was 90 percent carbon-free and more than 60 percent renewable, although it was not determined how much of that power is sourced locally.

Last month, three new solar-plus-storage projects began transmitting power to the grid. It further displayed a valuable increase to the utility’s in-state solar and renewable portfolios. The systems will add 14.4 megawatts of local solar generation and 6 megawatts of storage capacity to the power supply of GMP.

Josh Castonguay, the Vice President, and Chief Innovation Officer at GMP said, “This brings to eight the number of solar facilities of that scale that we own, but these three are the first with fully-paired storage systems.” All three projects use Tesla Powerpack battery systems, supporting the utility to disseminate power during peak load hours. This cuts down the need to run oil-fired generators when demands arise.

Castonguay further added that GMP will tap other types of renewables, such as wind farms, to achieve its renewable targets.

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