Consulting and Other Services

Phillip Riley has more than a decade of experience in key recruitment and consulting sectors which allow us to address the challenges faced by organisations today in an effective manner. We use our wealth of knowledge and industry expertise to offer consulting solutions which help our clients to find, recruit and retain talent. Many organisations are only just realizing how expensive it can be to have a faulty recruitment process. Our aim is to help our clients minimise their risks and have an optimised recruitment process that is at par with the overall organisation goals.

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Offering Practical Advice

Throughout the course of the corporate careers of our team, we have accumulated a wealth of knowledge which has allowed us to intelligently critique organisational practices and current methodologies while guiding them towards more sustainable solutions. We at Phillip Riley understand that the needs of every organisation are different. For this reason, we offer tailored consulting solutions that have been designed to suit the needs of the company. Our services are practical and are developed to ensure that our clients will be well prepared to secure the best talent in the industry.

We work closely with our clients every step of the way to offer consultation on several crucial areas such as;

  • Talent attraction and retention
  • Leadership development, coaching and career transition
  • Organisational structures and workforce management
  • Outplacement services.

Phillip Riley has built an impressive partner model with several other specialist practitioners that share our values of integrity and honesty and demonstrate the determination of delivering quality results with professionalism. If your need goes beyond our core competency, we will gladly refer you to one of our specialist consultancy partners.

Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO)

As the recruitment operations in organizations grow for supporting the increasing hiring needs, several of our clients turn to us for leveraging our cost effective, scalable and flexible RPO  solutions. Phillip Riley has the capability to offer effective RPO solutions which combine experienced, talented recruitment professionals and proven, powerful project management disciplines to form partnerships with organizations that want competitive edge through total or selective recruitment outsourcing. We offer offshore as well as onshore recruitment outsourcing solutions. We adjust our deliver models to suit your needs. Several organizations today outsource their recruitment processes and reap the benefits of quicker hiring processes and lower costs.

RPO Benefits

Successful RPO offers high quality manpower to the organization at reduced time and cost. The hiring process can be effectively managed by the RPO team from end to end by developing a robust process. Recruitment processes and strategies for RPO are designed with the client. An objective assessment is conducted for the current processes and the business requirements and focus remains on leveraging effective tools, processes and technologies.
Phillip Riley helps you avoid the recruitment pitfalls and embrace new methodologies.

For a confidential conversation about our range of services, please call or email [email protected]