Duke Energy Florida Announces Building Three Battery Storage Projects

Duke Energy Florida (DEF) has recently announced its plans of building three battery storage projects totaling to 22 megawatts. According to the company, the projects are expected to enhance the overall reliability and aid vital services during power outages.

An article published on the website of Renewable Energy World stated that the DEF can make full use of the versatility of battery technology as the grid manager and operator. Doing so can lead to various customer and electric system benefits such as balancing energy demand, managing intermittent resources, increasing energy security, and deferring traditional power grid upgrades.

Here are some details of the three projects as mentioned in the article:

  • The 11-megawatt Trenton lithium-based battery facility will be located 30 miles west of Gainesville in Gilchrist County
  • The 5.5-megawatt Cape San Blas lithium-based battery facility will be located approximately 40 miles southeast of Panama City in Gulf County
  • The 5.5-megawatt Jennings lithium-based battery facility will be located 1.5 miles south of the Florida-Georgia border in Hamilton County.

A representative from Duke said that it is still too early to give the MWh rating for each of the three projects. The representative added that the company has design ranges in consideration but plans to competitively bid the engineering, procurement, and construction for each.

The company’s spokesperson added, “While Duke Energy does not have a specific cost for each individual project yet, the settlement agreement allows for $2,300 per KW for the 50 megawatts program.”

Duke Energy Florida State President Catherine Stempien further said, “These battery projects provide electric system benefits that will help improve local reliability for our customers and provide significant energy services to the power grid.”

“Duke Energy Florida will continue to identify opportunities in battery storage technology which will deliver efficiency improvements to our customers,” she continued.

Aside from the expansion of its battery storage technology and solar investments, the company is also investing in transportation electrification to support the growing U.S adoption of electric vehicles (EV), 530 EV charging stations, and a modernized power grid to deliver different reliable energy solutions that the customers need.

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