Increase in Renewable Energy Jobs Opens New Opportunities

Renewable energy jobs in the United States continue to post high turnarounds and provide stable and high-wage employment for workers.

Establishing new renewable energy is more inexpensive than maintaining existing coal plants. Additionally, clean energy gets cheaper and cheaper per year. Approximately around the year 2025, almost every existing coal plant in the country will cost more to run than establishing wind and solar within 35 miles of each plant.

To date, states and utilities are aiming for 100 percent clean energy goals. In turn, new career opportunities related to clean energy open up, such as constructing wind turbines and solar panels.

Renewable Jobs Provide High Wages

In a recent study conducted by E2, it was determined that the renewable energy sector has become a major employer in the country. An estimate of 3.3 million Americans is working in this sector, surpassing those who work in fossil fuel by 3-to-1.

The employment in renewables increased by 3.6 percent last year and added 110,000 new jobs. Employers are also anticipating 6 percent job growth at the end of 2019.

The study also included the fastest-growing jobs in 12 states in 2018 and saw renewable energy-related jobs leading the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics’ two fastest-growing jobs through 2026. These two jobs are solar installers with 105 percent projected growth and wind technicians with 96 percent.

Green Jobs Across America

Based on Solar Foundation reports, solar jobs grew last year with over 20 percent job growth in various states such as Alabama, Alaska, Florida, Illinois, Kansan, Montana, North Dakota, and Wyoming. The solar industry also added at least 150,000 jobs since 2010 and anticipates employment growth by 7 percent more this year.

Last year, running a coal-fired generation is more expensive than replacing them with new wind or solar generation. Because of the continuous price decline for renewables, it will cost more to operate coal-fired power plants until 2025.

An article on Forbes stated, “While renewable jobs can’t directly replace every coal job, expanding wind and solar demand is creating new economic transition opportunities for coal power plant and mine workers along with communities in which they live.”

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