Iron Mountain to Power Texas, Illinois Facilities in Partnership with RPD Energy

A press release provided by Iron Mountain confirmed the expansion of its commitment to renewable energy by finalizing new transactions in Texas and Illinois in partnership with RPD Energy. RPD will give Iron Mountain access to 100 percent renewable power for its facilities in the two states.

The flexible and variable energy solutions of RPD perfectly fits Iron Mountain’s overall mix of purchasing strategies including on-site projects and traditional Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs).

The transactions for Illinois and Texas total to more than 25,000 MWh of green energy annually for the next three years. Such capacity is enough to supply power to over 3,000 homes every year and to boost the amount of direct, physical energy in the broad energy portfolio of Iron Mountain supported by renewable resources.

CBRE Energy Manager for Iron Mountain, Chris Pennington, stated, ”With these transactions, Iron Mountain continues to follow through on our commitment to renewable energy by using new models that are both cost-effective and simple to implement throughout our real estate portfolio.”

RPD has given access to competitively-priced physical renewable power minus the long-term commitment and intricacies related to PPAs. The Texas and Illinois retail contracts are handled by Direct Energy. NextEra Energy Resources will supply renewable power from its Blue Summit wind farm in Texas.

The CEO of RPD Energy, Eric Alam, expressed enthusiasm in the new projects and partnerships. He said, ”By working with Direct Energy and NextEra Energy, RPD was able to deliver an innovative renewable energy solution for Iron Mountain. The final product has the simplicity of a standard retail contract coupled with the benefits of access to locally-sourced physical energy and RECs.”

”These transactions provide another example of how RPD brings together the pieces of the wholesale and retail green energy puzzle for forward-thinking companies like Iron Mountain, ” he concluded.

Read the full press release here.

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