Job Seekers

Job Seekers

Searching for a new career opportunity is a rewarding and enriching experience. Allow Phillip Riley to help you get one step closer to fulfilling your ambitions. We spend time to gain detailed understanding of your driving factors and motivations and offer tailored advice. We are confident in our skills to offer you consultancy services which will ultimately add value to your career.

Features of the Services offered include:

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  1. Mentor & Mentee Program: Seeking more leadership experience, or access to an experienced Renewables leader?
  2. Board & Advisory Board Program: Seeking a specialist Board member, or to grow your Board exposure or Portfolio?
  3. Job Seeker Resources: We will provide a comprehensive range of tools to assist with your Job Search including Resume templates, Resume Writing, Career Coaching, Interviewing tips and much much more
  4. News: have access to downloadable Infographics on interesting Asia Pacific and Global Renewable Energy trends
  5. Contractor Resources: if Contracting via Phillip Riley, this will allow you to access Timesheet and other Payroll information.

We will also be adding additional content and resources to assist you with your Job Search and Career Management.