McDonald’s Announces Signing of Virtual PPAs for Renewable Energy

Fast-food giant McDonald’s recently announced signing two long-term. Large-scale virtual Purchase Power Agreements or PPAs for renewable energy.

The company will acquire renewable energy generated by Aviator Wind West, a wind power project located in Coke County, Texas and a solar project situated in the same state.

Renewable Energy World reported that the PPAs for renewable energy combined 380 megawatts in renewables. McDonald’s contribution to the projects will assist in preventing more than 700,000 metric tons of carbon emissions annually.

In March last year, the fast-food chain became the first restaurant company in the world to set a greenhouse gas emissions target approved by the Science Based Targets initiative (SBTi). The said renewable projects in the United States will provide valuable progress toward McDonald’s Climate Action Target. It aims to lessen emissions related to McDonald’s stores and offices by 36 percent by 2030.

Gearing Up for a Cleaner Future

The emissions reductions from the two agreements will give 16 percent in progress toward the Climate Action Target.

The Chief Supply Chain and Sustainability Officer at McDonald’s, Francesca DeBiase, said, “As we look at the most pressing social and environmental challenges facing the world today, McDonald’s has a responsibility to take action and our customers expect us to do what is right for the planet.”

“These U.S. wind and solar projects represent a significant step in our work to address climate change, building on years of renewable energy sourcing in many of our European markets. We want to keep this momentum going, and we’re excited for what’s next,” DeBiase added.

Helping Creating More Jobs in Renewable Energy

The local community will benefit from these two projects through generating more than $200 million in local tax revenue. Also, they will provide approximately 600 new short-term construction, operations, and maintenance jobs. Aside from this, there is also potential in opening 13 long-term jobs.

The Climate and Renewable Energy Senior Director at World Wildlife Fund, Marty Spitzer praised the company. He said, “McDonald’s significant investment in 380 megawatts of renewable energy is groundbreaking.”

He continued, “Knowing their franchisees are typically small businesses that don’t have the capacity or resources to buy renewable energy at the scale needed to tackle the climate challenge, McDonald’s has taken a road untraveled. Other companies with thousands of franchisees need to take notice.”

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