San Francisco Mayor Sees PG&E Bankruptcy as a Chance to Drive Clean Energy in the City

San Francisco Mayor London Breed expresses interest in using PG&E Corp.’s assets for the power demands of the city. This move is considered a jolt to California’s biggest utility and changes its energy landscape.

An article on the website of Renewable Energy World states that Mayor Breed sees a chance to bring in clean energy to the city without compromising the cost. The results of a study will be announced later in April and would outline the feasibility of managing PG&E’s local infrastructure.

In an interview with Bloomberg News, Mayor Breed said, ”I am pretty excited about it, and I am hopeful it could be great. It could be significant for the future of our city and the future of renewable energy here.”

San Francisco-based PG&E filed for bankruptcy in January under the weight of an approximately $30 billion in liabilities from wildfires.

The Mayor also said that she is in talks with a team of advisors organized by Governor Gavin Newsom and they have been studying ways on reshaping the state’s utilities and their liabilities from the wildfires.

Last week, Governor Newsom announced various options to consider including ”municipalizaton” for the company if it did not change its behavior. Breed also stated that one of her two nominees to the city’s Public Utilities Commission had worked to shut down a PG&E plant in her district.

The city now has a clean power initiative which buys renewable energy and supplies it to the PG&E poles and wires. Mayor Breed added that she had always believed PG&E had the resources and technology to quickly help boost the use of clean energy in San Francisco.

The Office of the Mayor announced that San Francisco is on track to meet 80 percent of electricity demand. Such achievement is proven by the low numbers of residents opting out.

”We would be capable of doing it and doing it well, ” Breed said.

She further mentioned that she is expecting the feasibility study to address what the city could acquire and she assured that she would be sensitive to costs.

On the other hand, PG&E released a statement saying it backs the customers’ ability to decide regarding their energy use.

The company stated, ” PG&E regularly evaluates the way to company is structured strategically, operationally, and financially so that we are best positioned to operate efficiently and to provide safe and reliable service to our customers.”

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