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Google Commits $150M for Renewable Energy Projects

Google Commits $150M for Renewable Energy Projects

Google recently made public its commitment to allotting $150 million on renewable energy projects.

Greentech Media reported the commitment has a goal of encouraging $1.5 billion in capital investment for renewable energy. However, no other details are available regarding the announcement. Google cannot confirm yet whether it would spend the funds via power purchase agreements, direct investments, or other means.

According to a spokesperson of the company, investments will be made “over the next several years” in various projects that will sell into local and regional grid systems. The article also reported Google “expects financial and manufacturing partners (plus debt) to fund a variety of wind and solar installations.”

In August, Google has pledged carbon-neutrality for 100 percent of its shipments to and from customers by 2020. The company is also reportedly planning on investing 18 deals covering 1.6 gigawatts of wind and solar worldwide. Google labels this as the largest corporate renewables purchase ever made.

Doubts on the Clean Energy Commitment

The announcement was made a day before the climate protests around the world in which Google employees were involved. The employees question their employer’s action on climate change and scrutinize the company’s climate intentions.

Last week, the Guardian reported that Google continues contributing to organizations that deny climate science amidst its commitment and investments on renewables. A Google spokesperson told the Guardian that its “sponsorship does not mean that we endorse that organization’s entire agenda.”

Google Remains at the Forefront of the 2019 Renewables Purchases in the U.S.

Together with Microsoft and Facebook, Google is one of the leading corporate renewables purchases in the United States in 2019. According to Bloomberg New Energy Finance research, in July 2019, corporations had purchased 8.6 gigawatts of solar and wind. Experts are hopeful that the 2019 purchases would surpass the 13.6 gigawatts acquired in 2018.

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