Wind Industry Promises Best Practices for Gender Diversity

Fourteen associations in the wind industry worldwide have promised to maintain best practices for gender diversity at industry events.

A guide for “Best Practices for Gender Diversity at Industry Events” was published recently to assist member associations in establishing gender diversity in all their events. The Women in Wind Global Leadership Program spearheaded the publishing of the guide. It is a joint initiative between the Global Wind Energy Council and the Global Women’s Network for the Energy Transition.

Introducing the Best Practices for Gender Diversity at Industry Events

An article on the Renewable Energy World website explained what the “Best Practices for Gender Diversity at Industry Events” guide aims. According to the article, the guide provides insights on what meaningful inclusivity can look like at events. Another goal is to go beyond quotas to highlight diversity in major aspects of events.

Through these best practices, events can handle unconscious bias and unequal representation. Also, these would impact corporate culture positively and promote gender diversity in the wind industry.

The move to align the best practices in the wind industry is part of an effort to empower female leadership. It also aims to boost diversity in the sector worldwide. Next year, the initiative will remain with a scaling-up of mentorship and career development under the Women in Wind Global Leadership Program. Furthermore, the nomination of Ambassadors for Women in Wind will also continue.

Joyce Lee, the Policy and Operations Director at GWEC expresses confidence in the guide.

“The wind industry can be a leader in promoting the role of women as agents of change, collaborators, and innovators in the global energy transition. As an industry built around sustainability, our events should reflect the workforce of the future. GWEC organizes events for the wind industry worldwide, and we recognize that diversity challenges differ in each country. That’s why these best practices are designed to be adapted to different local contexts. We hope this guide will empower and showcase female leadership in wind energy and help to inspire the next generation of women in wind.”

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