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Be a part of a dynamic and fast-growing industry. Solar power is leading Australia’s growth in renewable energy and the sector is seeing the support of millions of homeowners making the switch to solar. Seeing an ever-increasing investment in commercial-scale power, the market is hungry for professionals with the expertise needed to help develop solar into a leading component of Australia’s grid.

Phillip Riley connects established and emerging professionals with roles across the renewable and solar energy sector. We can help you find the solar energy job that will see you build your career as you contribute to the future of Australian energy. From technical jobs on solar farms to planning and administrative roles, there’s something to suit every background, every area of expertise and every career goal.

Phillip Riley is a crucial bridge between the renewables sector and the leading talent that will drive its development in the years to come. We are proud to be part of the effort to make Australian power greener, safer and cleaner. Browse our job listings for career pathways in solar energy and solar farms in Australia and start planning your next step today.

Start your career in Australian solar energy

The solar energy sector is vast, diverse, and growing. From technical roles installing solar PV panels in residential settings to jobs consulting with government organisations and leading corporations on the best ways forward, there is a solar energy job for you.

Solar energy is a sector within the economy that is ripe with opportunities to grow your career while achieving some real good for our country and our planet. Covering law, business development, the trades, project management, research and development, sales and more, solar offers professional’s a real breadth of choice when making their next career step.

Choosing Phillip Riley to help you find your next solar energy or solar PV job ensures that you’re working with a recruiter who understands the renewables sector and can help you navigate it successfully. Our years of experience and strong connections with the industry give us the perfect position to help you build your career. Whether you are sourcing stakeholder managers for wind farm jobs or sustainability coordinators for major multinational firms, you can rely on Phillip Riley to help match the right person to the right role.

If you are interested in applying for or filling a role in engineering construction and asset management, our team has experience recruiting various positions for a range of companies.

From solar panel installation jobs to sustainability consulting positions

Discuss your career goals with the team at Phillip Riley today to find out how we could help you find a rewarding career in the Australian renewables sector.

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